22 07, 2016

The Real Estate Quarterback Show with guests: Sara Chiarelli, Jason Avrey & Curt Lorden

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Jason Avery was a special guest on The Real Estate Quarterback Show along with Sara Chiarelli & Curt Lorden. In this episode Jason shares about his book Constructing Success and shares what the book is not about.

25 03, 2016

The Real Estate Quarterback show III

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Jason Avery, owner of Avery Construction is back for round three on Brandon Rimes Real Estate Quarterback Show.  Jason Avery speaks about Avery Construction and trends he is noticing in the remodeling industry that are popular with consumers in the current market.

31 12, 2015

Radio Show with Avery

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Special guest Jason Avery from Avery Construction and the author of "Constructing Success" appeared on the program. Discussions regarding his business and the book were both informative and instructive.

3 11, 2015

The Real Estate Quarterback Show II

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Back for round two on Brandon Rimes Quaterback Show, Jason Avery speaks about his new Best Selling book Constructing Success, a guide for business owners, managers and business professionals who want to generate tons of referral-based business.

30 10, 2015

The Real Estate Quarterback Show

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Host Brandon Rimes introduces preferred professional partner Jason Avery of Avery Construction. Jason Avery speaks about instant gratification and same day estimate and why Avery Construction is one of the best general contractors in the Tampa Bay Area.

30 10, 2015

Tampa Kitchen Remodel Experts

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Avery Construction prides themselves in helping clients bring their visions to life. Avery provides superior work quality and on-time service. They remodel on many home kitchens and professional kitchens throughout Florida. They also specialize in all aspects of the project including SAME DAY Estimating, Free 3D Design, Noninvasive Construction, and much more!

30 10, 2015

Avery Construction Carefest

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On September 28th, 2013 Avery Construction participated in the Tampa Bay Area Carefest by providing a crew of workers at the home of a local disabled veteran. Avery Construction was recognized by St. Petersburg Mayor, Bill Foster, as well as, Florida Governor, Rick Scott.

30 10, 2015

The Service Man Interviews Jason Avery

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The Service Man interviews S.O.B. (Service Obsessed Businesses) Jason Avery of Avery Construction, Inc. about his awards and accomplishments. Hear a passionate interview about what it truly means to be the best at what you do and what that means for the customer, the people who work with you and everyone around you.

30 10, 2015

My Chamber TV with Jason Avery

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Barbara Marville of My Chamber TV interviews local businessman & entrepreneur, Jason Avery. Hear the inspirational story of how Jason has grown several businesses from the ground up. Jason shares insights on his newly published book and his best practices for referral based marketing.