Speaking Engagements (Free to groups of 25+)

The Customer Experience Roller-Coaster (20-30minutes) – How long does your customer experience really last? Are your clients referring you to others after your project is complete? In this program we help you break down your customer’s experience timeline into a flow chart with established milestones. We break down each milestone to discuss the potential industry related hazards that will affect your client’s emotions negatively, then we create pro-active strategies to avoid the big dips.

Room Full of Referrals ® Communicate and Network with Ease Teaser by Asentiv (15-20 minutes) – Communicating and networking with like-minded people is the key to creating lasting relationships that will improve your business and your life. The Communicate and Network with Ease workshop will help you understand how your behaviors are affecting your referability. You’ll learn which of your behaviors are attracting clients and which are turning them away.

This program will teach you about the four major behavioral styles – go-getters, promoters, nurturers, and examiners – and how to use the strengths of each style to attract clients. Communicating and networking doesn’t have to be exhausting and this introductory program makes creating mutually-beneficial relationships easier than ever before.

Training Programs

Pricing Projects Accurately (2 hours, Cost: $500) – We furnish you with a construction pricing spreadsheet pre-arranged with proven formulas and data that can assist you with pricing out your next project. Throughout the program we will teach you the basic fundamentals of using the pricing spreadsheet, adjusting the cost projections to match that of your own sub-contractors and/or material vendors, and adjusting formulas which can tweak your margins or other operating expenses.

Projecting Future Cash Flow (2 hours, Cost: $500) – We furnish you with a multi-page spreadsheet pre-arranged with formulas that can help you organize your data. Throughout the program we will teach you the basic fundamentals of using the various spreadsheets, including where to input your data and how to adjust formulas. QuickBooks is a necessary and great tool for seeing what has already happened in your business, but when you supplement with this tool you will actually be able to into the future.

Room Full of Referrals ® Communicate & Network with Ease Workshop  (2.5 hours, Cost: $89 with a minimum of 25 participants. )

  • Have fun learning to develop productive referral relationships with your networking activities!
  • Achieve immediate results while introducing yourself and managing conversations with all behavioral styles.
  • Create systems to get appointments and follow up with all Room Full of Referral® behavioral styles.

This workshop is a great way to get practical information on growing my business immediately, relate to all my referral sources, generate a ton of referrals and have fun! The day after taking the class I met with a prospect who I identified as a Nurturer and got her business at that first meeting!
-Shawn Yesner

After taking this workshop, one can make adaptive changes in their approach with other business associates so they are more productive. One small change can get an order, make a network introduction, or bring diplomacy in tough situations. I recommend taking this interactive workshop as soon as possible! -Lynne Wilson

Platinum Rule ® Assessment (1.5 hours, Cost: $197) – If you’ve already attended the Room Full of Referrals ® Program and you are ready to take your knowledge to the next level and start applying it to the people in your network. Have a one-on-one meeting with Jason Avery to learn how your unique style might vary from others of the same style. Evaluate your top 12 Referral Partners and determine what each of their styles really are and devise a strategy for enhancing the relationship with each. To learn more click: http://referralinstitutetampa.com/index.php/en-us/products/

One-on-One Consulting

Custom programs are designed and proposed after a one-time free consultation with you and when you have completed and returned our initial intake questionnaire. Our rate for consulting is $250/hour.